Living on my own

19 April 2021

The PRS market in Poland is still in its infancy, but a few pioneers have already laid solid foundations for its further development. In front of our very eyes, Poland is being turned into one of the PRS’s promised lands on the map of Europe.

The popularity of the Polish institutional residential rental market can be seen in the interest of domestic players and foreign capital, as well as the scale of acquisitions – both in terms of large portfolios of rental apartments and entire development companies. And this is far from surprising, since institutional rental in Poland has been snowballing – and the pandemic could significantly increase the speed and size of the snowball. What kind of capital is interested in PRS in Poland? What features does the ideal product have in this sector? When will Poland catch up with Western Europe in terms of the proportion of rental apartments across the entire market? All these issues will be discussed by the experts and market players invited to the discussion on this sector at our latest conference: Kamil Kowa (Board Member, Head of Corporate Finance & Valuation, Savills Poland), Piotr Szafarz (partner, head of the Central and Eastern Europe real estate team, Dentons), Sebastian Kieć (managing director, AFI Europe Poland), Michał Okoń (managing director, Zeitgeist Asset Management), Jan Trybulski (vice-president for investment, Griffin Real Estate) and John Harcourt (managing director, Kajima Properties). This group will assemble at Eurobuild’s 7th INVESTED INTEREST Investment Market Conference, which will be held online on April 22nd. The discussion panel, which will start at 11:20 am, like all the other panels of this conference takes its name from a track by Queen – in this case, ‘Living on my Own’. We highly recommend taking part! Registration for viewing and participating in the debate is still open and can be done via the conference website.

The 7th. INVESTED INTEREST Investment market conference
Online Conference